Las Guitarras Azules

Medium: Orchestral

Fl (=Picc), Ob (=EH), Cl, Bsn / Hn, Tr, Trb / 2 Perc (3rd player may be added) / Hp /

‘Las Guitarras Azules’ is a concerto for guitar and chamber orchestra written for and dedicated to guitarist Nathan Fischer. The piece is greatly indebted to flamenco traditions, and its multiple sections are based on traditional flamenco song forms (bulerias, solea, seguiriyas, guajiras). It is a fiercely difficult work on account of its extensive scordatura (4 of the guitar’s 6 strings are retuned), though I took great pains to ensure that it was as idiomatic as possible within the new tuning.

The piece was commissioned by the Fromm Foundation in 2007 as part of their commission award for that year. It was composed in 2008 and revised (with a new performance edition edited by Nathan Fischer) in 2021. A full published version of the score with solo guitar part will be available from Azahar Press.



Commissioned by

Fromm Foundation

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