For the past few years, I have been writing a series of young adult novels (mostly for my children) based on games and stories we would play with their ‘stuffed’ animals. The series, called Penguin Adventures, follows a motley group of animals through a series of misadventures, crises, and conspiracies from Komodo Island to Antarctica to the ‘hidden’ planet of Urdua. The books can be purchased as print editions from Kindle Direct Publishing. 

A Tale of Two Fluffies

Two years ago, Sqeack, a Weezal from a hidden planet, brought a motley group of animals to Komodo Island in accordance with a prophecy given by one of them–a raccoon tail named Fluffy. Now, the fragile peace of the island is disturbed by the arrival of Egan Smidley, a demented geneticist intent on a twisted experiment involving the local Komodo dragons.

Smidley, however, has brought along another group of animals to help with the experiment, including another raccoon tail named Flee. When they manage to escape, they find themselves teaming up with Sqeack and his friends against the evils of Smidley, and in the process, discover the connection between Sqeack, Smidley and the two raccoon tails.

This book also includes the bonus story, The Origins of Sqeack.

The Penguin Prophecies

Two months after the events of the previous book, life for the animals on Komodo seems to be back to normal, until they discover a mysterious lake on the island. When Flee drinks from the lake and delivers a prophecy to Penguin, it sets him on a quest to Antarctica to seek out his origins and puts in motion a series of events that could endanger the lives of everyone around him.

But is Penguin ready to live up to the challenge? Will he be able to face the hard truths about his origins, the bitterness of his upbringing, and the weaknesses of his character? More importantly, will his friends remain loyal to him, even when his quest turns deadly?

Coming soon! The third installment of the Penguin Adventures series, A Weezal of Mirdua.
Read an excerpt from the book below!

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