Medium: Tango

Vln, Bando, Pno, Bass

‘Elementos’ was written for Cuarteto Tanguero in 2016. Originally, designed to accompany a program featuring works by Astor Piazzolla, the piece features musical nods to the composer, taking some of his techniques (e.g. ternary form, sequences) and applying some of my own variations to them. It is split into two movements: ‘Tango de Aire y Tierra,’ and ‘Tango de Fuego y Agua.’ The first is slower and more lyrical, featuring solos for each instrument of the quartet. The second is considerably faster with a clear ternary form and displays considerable dissonance mixed with some extended tango techniques. At its core, ‘Elementos’ is popular music with a few ‘new music’ elements thrown in, a mixture of styles to be sure, but outwardly tango.

A sextet version (2 Vlns, Vc, Bando, Pno, Bass) also exists.



Commissioned by

Cuarteto Tanguero

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