La Serotonina

‘La Serotonina’ is a tango suite for violin and harp written for the ensemble BloomingDuo. The piece is made up of three movements, each dedicated to a performer. The second movement, ‘Vals for Susann,’ was composed first and was commissioned as part of the 2017 International Harp Competition. It is dedicated to renowned harpist Susann … Read more


‘Elementos’ was written for Cuarteto Tanguero in 2016. Originally, designed to accompany a program featuring works by Astor Piazzolla, the piece features musical nods to the composer, taking some of his techniques (e.g. ternary form, sequences) and applying some of my own variations to them. It is split into two movements: ‘Tango de Aire y … Read more

La Proxima Traicion

“La Proxima Traicion” was written for the bandoneon and piano duo, Ben & Winnie, and is featured as the title track of their new album. Drawing from traditional Argentine tango, pop and contemporary classical music, the 4 minute duo relies on insistent, rock-influenced rhythms interspersed with tender, lyrical passages. The CD can be purchased here.

Concierto de Milonga

Concierto de Milonga was commissioned by Solungga Liu and the Bowling Green State University New Music Ensemble. It was premiered at the Bowling Green New Music Festival in 2015. This piano concerto is based on Argentine tango of the Golden Era. There are two kinds of music at work here: the traditional tango style, represented … Read more

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