Dark Zone

Medium: Chamber

Fl, Cl, Alto Sax, Perc, Pno, Vln, Vc

Dark Zone was originally written for Ensemble Dal Niente, who premiered the work at the Grunwald Gallery at Indiana University. The piece is a multimedia work for 7-player ensemble and video projections, with video art created by Jawshing Arthur Liou with the assistance of Catherine Chi. Dark Zone is based on bioluminescent communication among deep sea creatures. It is split into four interconnected sections using a variety of extended techniques, including using specially made superball mallets inside the piano, sliding glass tumblers along the strings, and detuning the cello’s c-string a minor 7th down.

Dark Zone was recorded by Nathaniel Davis. The players are Robin Meiksins (Fl), Emily Mehigh (Cl), Andres Lizano (Sax), David Miller (Perc), Francisco Cortez-Alvarez (Pno), Ari Fisher(Vln) and Maya Nojiri (Vc).



Commissioned by

Ensemble Dal Niente

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